Saturday 24 Feb, 2018

Starting at 9:00am to 5:00pm

RMIT University, Academic Building (Building 80)

445 Swanston Street Melbourne | Melbourne, VIC 3000

Silver: DataTrue




DataTrue is a powerful tool to audit, monitor and validate the data you collect online. Try DataTrue for free today.

Audit your data

Audit and validate data collected from your sites, quickly and easily. Receive comprehensive page reports with critical data you can use to resolve errors. Drill down to get detailed information — including loading times, tag validations, tag data payloads and errors written to test browser consoles.

Monitor the user journey

Ensure critical workflows such as registration, add to cart and checkout — are working correctly. Proactively monitor key user journeys and tags. Run regular tests and alert multiple teams via email.

Build smart tests, fast

Use our Test Builder to create test interactions with sites, and configure them using our library of tag templates or by adding custom tags. It works across complex AJAX interactions, iframe content and top-level domains.

Test before you deploy

Test new tag configurations and other changes before and after they go live, to protect against loss of data. Validate data as part of your software release process by triggering DataTrue tests from a continuous integration tool such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI or Codeship.

Contact: Michelle McGrath



Follow: @data_true

Tel: +61 3 9998 7458

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