Saturday 16 Mar, 2024

Starting at 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Melbourne Business School

200 Leicester St, Carlton 3053

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution (M/E) empowers marketers to combine human know-how with the power of predictive intelligence to make better decisions faster. M/E’s generative attribution solution rapidly delivers the breadth of MMM insights alongside the granular depth of MTA using a single model with unparalleled data input flexibility. Our generative approach overcomes the flaws of either MMM, MTA, or their combination. We also include an always-on, full-funnel constraint-based scenario planner that enables time-saving decisions on allocating every dollar spent across all channels in the customer journey.

M/E has been in business for 20+ years, starting first as a research-based industry-recognized expert consulting company, then as a tech-enabled services company, and now – the last five years have been spent pioneering the application of advanced tech for marketing measurement and optimization. In response to GDPR, in 2018 we started to build privacy-compliant software, providing transparency to the data and results. M/E wanted to generate and predict consumer-level exposure without ever utilizing or anonymizing PII data. Fast forward to today, we have built a full-funnel measurement platform that is more accurate (biases removed), faster, and less costly than traditional MMM and MTA solutions. Our tool enables marketers to:

  • Influence and predict changes, making inflight optimizations possible to improve ROAS
  • Plan the most impactful advertising campaigns
  • Derive insights and create performance reports to prove marketing ROI
  • Impact what you do moving forward, saving you time and money, reducing risk, and, most importantly, making you money by finding incremental dollars M/E empowers marketers to combine human know-how with the power of AI to make better decisions faster, directly impacting the bottom line.


  • Continually optimize > $3 billion in media spend
  • Improve incremental KPI conversions by up to 23%
  • Reduce cost per conversion by up to 29%

Strategic partners include:
Ground Control Data, Salesforce and AWS.

Ground Control Data is the ideal partner to take our innovative generative marketing attribution approach into APAC markets. To learn more, please contact Phil Zohrab